We need a walk-in cooler for our Rabbit Harvest

rabbit harvest walk-in cooler

With our rabbits at their peak growth, we have recently gone through a huge rabbit harvest here at Warrior Farms! We’re so grateful for our bountiful harvest, and now we need a new walk-in cooler to store it all!

Our goal: Supply local restaurants

Currently, one of the biggest projects that we want to get to is to build a walk-in cooler so we can harvest even more rabbits.

A goal we have here at Warrior Farms is to share all of our fresh meats and vegetables with the local restaurants in our community.  A walk-in cooler would mean that we can harvest even more rabbits and be able to supply our local restaurants and community.

Could you help us with our walk-in cooler goal?

We need all the extra resources we can to bring our walk-in cooler dream to life! If you’d like to contribute, give us a call at 678-743-1751.


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