Warrior Farms participates in 3rd annual Montaluce Winery and Restaurant Festival

We recently participated in the 3rd annual Montaluce Winery and Restaurant Festival. It was a great way to interact with our local community and help get our name out there to other veterans or people that might not know who we are yet. There we brought Warrior Made Products, which are items that are handmade by veterans and their families. A lot of farm-fresh vegetables and meats used at the festival came from us!

We had so much fun at the festival and cannot wait for next year! We hope to come back with even more Warrior Made Products and a bigger brand name presence then we did this year. Either way, we can’t wait!

Be a warrior – volunteer with us!

We’re always looking for more hands to help us bring our dreams to life. If you’d like to volunteer at Warrior Farms, learn more by giving us a call at 678-743-1751.

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