About Warrior Farms

Warrior Farms first broke ground in 2017. Our founder, Chris Dorsey, chose land for the farm that had a special connection to him. It was originally the farm and homestead of his great-grandmother.

Since leaving the army and struggling with PTSD, Chris has worked hard to build Warrior Farms into an oasis for veterans looking for the camaraderie they felt in the service.

Warrior Farms strives to be a self-sustaining farm that supports veterans and their families. He feels that post traumatic stress can be used as motivation, not just treated like as a disorder.

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-T Kennedy

“Warrior farms and Chris Dorsey in 2016 help me during my darkest time Chris helped me to feel that I was not alone stood by”
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-G Parrish

“Warrior Farms is an awesome hard working group, working to bring together local families and businesses to help our veterans. They are growing foods, will”
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-T Clark

“As a Combat Veteran struggling with ptsd Warrior Farms saved my life and many others. At about 3am on a cold rainy morning I made”
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-P Oudheusden

“Awesome org and Chris is a great guy to work with! As the president and founder of Veterans 3 Gun, our organizations work together when”
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-J Dertay

“Team Warrior Farms is working hard to provide the best, nurturing, and sustainable agri-therapy farm connecting both community, and veterans. Thank you for the hard”
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Our Mission

Our Mission: To better the quality of life for our veterans and their families while strengthening the community.

Warrior Farm’s Chris Dorsey knows how hard it can be when you first get home from the service. Originally joining the army in 2001, when Chris got back home, he knew something was wrong.

With debilitating PTSD, Chris tried every available resource offered by the VA with no luck. He quickly found that returning soldiers didn’t get the support they needed and deserved from the currently available resources offered to veterans.

Using his background in agriculture, Chris set out on a mission to expand and improve the options for therapy to returning soldiers – thus the birth of the Warrior Overwatch and Warrior Farms projects.

Chris never wants another veteran to feel like they need to struggle alone. Bettering their quality of life is something Chris is passionate about – even going so far as wanting to build housing on the farm so veterans can stay and be a part of something bigger than themselves for as long as they please.

His eventual goal is to provide the necessary experience to these veterans so they can attain an accredited farm management degree, which will allow them to start their own farms. Chris seeks to make Warrior Farms a comfortable place, not only for veterans, but for their families and members of the public as well.

Warrior Farms has big plans!

Although our main goal is working with veterans, we also plan to offer educational agricultural classes to the local community.

We also want to partner with local restaurants to offer them fresh farm-grown vegetables and meats.

Another goal is to provide farm-to-table meals directly to the community as well. We hope to open an Outdoor Kitchen so we can host events where everyone can come and enjoy the experience of meeting the animals and getting to enjoy a fresh meal right on the farm.

A Rent-A-Flock program would be a partnership with local wineries where Warrior Farms would maintain a flock of sheep that would be transported to the vineyards to mow the grass. The sheep would keep everything aesthetically pleasing, are less noisy than mowers, and potentially a tourist attraction.

If you are interested in any of these partnerships or have ideas of your own, please contact us to discuss how we can work together. We look forward to speaking with you!

How you can help

The two biggest ways you can help Warrior Farms are by volunteering or donating.


Volunteering is open to anyone that wants to come by and help. No farm experience is necessary! What we do on the farm changes almost daily, so you’ll never be bored. If you’d like to volunteer, the first step is to complete our volunteer form.


Another way to help Warrior Farms is by donating. We use monetary donations to build bigger rabbitry, create new turkey coops, and eventually provide housing for veterans who will need long-term stays for their rehabilitation.

Your volunteer time or donations go a long way to help us at Warrior Farms, and we appreciate every bit of time or money that is given to us.

Our Associations

Be a Part of Changing a Veteran’s Life for the Better!

We appreciate every single donation, and it’s our promise to you that we will use those funds to continue to provide the best agri-therapy experience to every veteran in need.