Warrior Farms is a veteran organization that provides
military transition programs through a few different resource platforms.

Food Safety Workshop

The Warrior Farms team recently toured different farms all across Georgia through a Food Safety Workshop. Unfortunately, they were unable to host one at their home base in Dahlonega because there just wasn’t enough room. But that’s something they’re working hard to fix and hope to host a workshop there in the future.

Classes at Warrior Farms

Chris hopes to have a classroom space at Warrior Farms very soon. Then, Chris says, Warrior Farms programs will really get into motion.

Classes at University of Georgia

Chris currently teaches a few farming classes for veterans at the University of Georgia. Using that infrastructure, he recently provided different programs for volunteers and newcomers to Warrior Farms. Through the university, Warrior Farms is able to offer a lot of courses for free, which helps Warrior Farms offer resources to the community that normally wouldn’t be possible.